‘Стильный цитрус’ — Cointreau представляет новый ‘blood orange’ аромат

'Стильный цитрус' - Cointreau представляет новый 'blood orange' аромат

Французский бренд Cointreau анонсировал новый аромат ‘blood orange’ в своем Британском портфеле.


Новый ликер производится с использование ароматных спиртов из цедры апельсинов из Корсики, вместе со сладким и горьким апельсином, используемым в оригинальном Cointreau…

…рекомендованная цена за 50 cl 30% ABV Cointreau blood orange составляет £17.


Original news:


Citrus with style: Cointreau launches blood orange flavour.


French spirit brand Cointreau has unveiled a new blood orange flavour to its portfolio of liquors in the UK.

The new beverage is made by distilling aromatic blood orange peels from Corsica with the sweet and bitter orange used in Cointreau original.

A spokesperson from the company said: “The perfect balance between sweet, bitter and blood orange peels, Cointreau Blood Orange is like tasting a ripe fruit, a new taste experience, both tangy and rich in aromas.”

It is presented in the iconic Cointreau square bottle, with the 1849 seal to signify when the brand was established.

Cointreau has suggested enjoying the new offering in a long drink, cocktail or with cranberry juice and served with ice and a slice of orange.

With an ABV of 30%, Cointreau blood orange is currently available to buy at selected Waitrose stores in 50cl bottles with a recommended price of £17.

'Стильный цитрус' - Cointreau представляет новый 'blood orange' аромат


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