SMWS выходит ‘за рамки’ категории виски

SMWS выходит 'за рамки' категории виски

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) создали Single Cask Spirits — новую коллекцию  Cognac, Rum & Gin, в дополнение к своему ‘фирменному’ Scotch Whisky.


SMWS выходит 'за рамки' категории вискиSMWS уже имели опыт в ‘непрофильных’ напитках — в их числе Bourbon, Japanese whiskies & Cognacsи планируются к запуску новые напитки в других категориях.

Коллекция Single Cask Spirits будет представлена в новой бутылке с серой этикеткой и «отличительным» логотипом, чтобы изолировать линейку от основных Scotch whiskies.

Каждый из Single Cask Spirit будет эксклюзивно бутилорован из одного бочонка или баррика, аналогично своим ‘Scotch releases’…


Original news:

SMWS branches out from whisky into other spirits.



The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) has launched Single Cask Spirits, a new collection of Cognac, rum and gin expressions that will sit alongside its signature Scotch offerings.

SMWS already occasionally releases other spirits – including Bourbon, Japanese whiskies and Cognacs – and the Society says more varieties will be introduced in due course.

The Single Cask Spirits collection will be presented in a new bottle with a grey label and “distinctive” logo to set the line apart from the core Scotch offer.

In the same format as the Scotch releases, each Single Cask Spirit will be an exclusive bottling from one single cask or barrel.

“Our Single Cask Spirits are the consequence of a collaboration between the most creative and skilled distillers, a carefully selected team of category ambassadors who are experts in their fields, and our own Tasting Panel – which is always the final voice when it comes to assessing and approving a bottling to ensure quality,” said Kai Ivalo, spirits director at SMWS.

“We are putting the same level of dedication into sourcing each of our Single Cask Spirits bottlings as we do with our whiskies, to provide members with an exceptional experience.”

The Single Cask Spirits collection will go on sale as part of the August First Friday Outturn, the list of monthly releases from SMWS.

SMWS выходит 'за рамки' категории виски


Source: The Spirits Business

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