Pernod Ricard University открывает первый университетский городок в Domaine de La Voisine Château

Pernod Ricard University открывает первый университетский городок в Domaine de La Voisine Château

Университетское подразделение Pernod Ricard, отвечающее за инициативу развития талантов, открыло свой первый университетский городок в историческом Domaine de La Voisine Château.


Кампус располагается на 170 гектарах в Клэрфонтен-ан-Ивелин (Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines) недалеко от Парижа; объект был спроектирован вокруг “work, relaxation and convivialité”, где и будет проходить «большая часть» из 15 000 часов обучения, в рамках курса Pernod Ricard University. 

Domaine de La Voisine был приобретен основоположником Pernod Ricard Полом Рикаром (Paul Ricard) в 1954 году. Он был полностью отреставрирован и включает в себя «зону приема», оборудованную спортивными сооружениями, учебный центр располагает 350-местной аудиторией и 60 гостевыми комнатами…


Original news:

Pernod Ricard University, the division responsible for the French drinks group’s talent development initiative, has launched its first campus at the historic Domaine de La Voisine château.


Located across 170 hectares in Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines near Paris; the site has been designed around “work, relaxation and convivialité”, and will host “a large proportion” of the 15,000 hours of training undertaken by Pernod Ricard University.

Domaine de La Voisine was acquired in 1954 by Pernod Ricard’s founder Paul Ricard, and has been completely renovated to include a reception area equipped with sports facilities, a learning centre with a 350-seat auditorium, and 60 bedrooms.

The Pernod Ricard University campus will be available to external customers thanks to a partnership with seminar and corporate event host Chateauform.

Alexandre Ricard, chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard, said: “I am delighted to see the transformation of the Domaine de La Voisine into a campus equipped with all the latest training technologies: collaborating, discussing and meeting will be its watchwords.”

“We will be able to nurture our talents within a single setting dedicated not only to excellence but also to convivialité – because we primarily learn from others. It is also for this reason that we wanted to make this exceptional venue accessible to non-group guests.”

This project was developed by architect Cyril Durand-Behar, property developer GSE and deputy contractor Egis. In compliance with the charter of the Regional Nature Reserve of the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse, the Domaine de La Voisine is committed to both HQE Aménagements and Very Good BREEAM certification, led by GSE.


Source: The Spirits Business

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