Bangalore Malt назван самым быстрорастущим крепким алкоголем 2016 года

Bangalore Malt назван самым быстрорастущим крепким алкоголем 2016 года

По данным The Brand Champions 2017, бренд виски Bangalore Malt, принадлежащий индийской John Distilleries, возглавил список самых быстрорастущих алкогольных напитков в мире после, почти, удвоения объема продаж в 2016 году.


Продажи 9-литровых упаковок бренда выросли на 87,36% в 2016 году и достигли 2,06 миллиона.

Bangalore Malt впервые в 2015 году достиг отметки в 1 млн кейсов, что побудило The Spirits Business назвать его индийским брендом виски в своем отчете в 2016 году…


Original news:


Bangalore Malt named fastest-growing spirit of 2016.


John Distilleries-owned Indian whisky brand Bangalore Malt has topped the list of fastest-growing spirits in 2016 after almost doubling its volume sales, according to The Brand Champions 2017 data.

The brand’s nine-litre case sales grew an enormous 87.36% in 2016 to hit 2.06 million.

Bangalore Malt hit the 1m case sales mark for the first time in 2015 – prompting The Spirits Business to name it Indian Whisky Brand Champion in its 2016 Brand Champions report.

At the time, Paul P John, chairman of John Distilleries, said: “Whisky is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in India. Quality coupled with a systematic sales plan has driven the success of Bangalore Malt Whisky.”

The latest line-up of fastest-growing spirits brands is largely dominated by local labels, despite economic and political upheaval in a number of emerging markets.

Ladoga’s Russian vodka Tsarskaya/Imperial Collection Gold showed the second fastest rate of growth in 2016, when sales increased 50.75% to pass the million case threshold for the first time.

Aguardiente Antioqueño, produced by Fabrica de Alcoholes y Licores de Antioquia, takes third place after witnessing growth of 43.71% to hit 3.57m cases.

For a full list of the top 20 fastest-growing spirits brands in 2016, see The Brand Champions 2017 report – an in-depth ranking and analysis of the brands that sell more than 1m cases annually.

Published in the June 2017 issue of The Spirits Business magazine, the report names Brand Champions in 12 different spirit categories. Data, analysis and commentary from The Brand Champions 2017 will be revealed on shortly.


Source: The Spirits Business

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